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  • Medical Assistant Program

    Program Description

    This program is designed to train adult students to enter the allied health profession as a Medical Assistant. Students will be prepared for entry-level employment in medical facilities and clinics. Medical Assistants represent one of the most rapidly growing fields in healthcare. Medical Assistants are in demand and employment opportunities are numerous in the medical community.

    Adult students begin with fast track classes designed to introduce the student to the healthcare profession. A strong foundation for a healthcare career begins by introducing the fundamentals of medical terminology, psychology, anatomy, pathophysiology, and medical law and ethics. Medical front office procedures, medical insurance, computer usage and data entry skills are practiced. Healthcare business management and organizational structure models are discussed.

    Attributes of professionalism, customer service and communication skills are also reinforced. Back office skills are practiced in medical laboratory procedures, phlebotomy, electrocardiology (EKG) and pharmacology.

    Career Practical Externship

    A career practical externship is a feature of this program that allows students to be exposed to an actual employment environment in their field of study. This exposure helps condition the student to easily make the transition from the classroom lab to employment as a medical assistant. During the externship, the extern must prove competency by performing front office and clinical duties such as: patient scheduling, telephone communications, medical records, patient billing, triage, patient management, venipuncture blood draws, capillary draws, perform diagnostic tests, assist the physician, provide patient education and perform office treatments as directed by the physician.

    The extern will be expected to demonstrate his/her ability, knowledge and skills to work at a contracted externship clinic as a Medical Assistant. Externship performance is evaluated by an externship-site supervisor.

    Class times may vary to accommodate the need for morning and evening students. Students usually attend class four (4) clock hours per day, Monday through Thursday. Students are given ten (10) minutes of break time for each class hour. Full time students attend 16 hours of class per week, while externs attend class 36-40 clock hours per week. Full time students can complete the fast track learning program in under 41 weeks.

    An exam review class is offered to help prepare the student for a national certification examination.

  • Program Description

    Our massage therapy program consists of both classroom and modular coursework in massage training, as well as an internship that will provide real-world hands-on training in the field. Classroom hours consist of lectures, discussions, demonstrations and hands-on practice in a wide variety of massage techniques. Students pair up and practice while instructors provide individual guidance. This type of learning environment assists students in developing their massage skills, desirable habits and attitudes and on the job training.

    Clinical Internship

    The clinical internship aspect of the program provides inexpensive massage and spa treatments to the public. It is designed to provide a real-life educational experience for our students to work on clientele in a supportive and safe environment. Our students experience a boost in confidence and enhance skills as they learn the many intricate aspects of practicing massage therapy. Students will also have opportunities to provide massages at community events such as health conferences, athletic races and fundraisers. These are important and valuable opportunities to educate and serve the public as well as those in need in our local communities.

    After completion of this program, students should be able to:

      • Perform a full body massage
      • Palpate and identify muscles, bones, bony landmarks, major organs, nerves, the twelve superficial meridians and the energetic assessment points
      • Be knowledgeable of the major systems of the body, the effects of massage therapy on these systems and the indications of massage therapy as it relates to these systems
      • Be knowledgeable in the basic concepts of hydrotherapy and cryotherapy, sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, reflexology, prenatal/infant massage and shiatsu
      • Be able to incorporate self-care skills including body mechanics, awareness of fold energetics, stretching and strengthening exercises for the twelve meridians and major muscle groups, breath awareness, stress management skills and business management skills
      • Be knowledgeable in the practice of CPR/First Aid
      • Be able to successfully complete the national exam, the MBLEX
      • Be qualified to find employment in the area of massage therapy